Kudos To Ayesha Farooq!

Ayesha Farooq Pakistani Fighter Pilot

26 year old Ayesha Farooq has written down her name in history by becoming the first ever, female fighter pilot in Pakistan.

To make a mark for herself in a primarily male-dominated field; Ayesha Farooq has earned no small feat! She is the first among 5 female fighter pilots to have cleared the qualification test for the position.

Women fighter pilots have been participating in combat throughout the world since before World War II.
The world’s first female fighter pilot was Sabiha Gökçen from Turkey who participated in aerial combat in 1937. Russian women participated in air combat in World War II.

Pakistan, at the moment, has around 4000 women in the armed forces and the number of women in Pakistan Air Force is 316.

Ayesha Farooq has paved the path for more Pakistani women to follow. It is also a positive development that our institutions are opening up to allow capable women to come forth and play their part in fields that are lacking in female representation.

Kudos to Ayesha Farooq for this historic achievement!

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