How Would You Explain Facebook To Your Grandmother?

Bizarre interview questions are part of the latest trend in interviews. While the person being interviewed may find them odd, they actually do have a purpose, which is usually to judge the presence of mind, creativity, thought process, etc, of the interviewee.

Here’s a list of some interesting questions and suggested answers.

Q – In how many ways can you get a needle out of haystack?
A – Simplest answer would be: if the needle is made of iron, you’d use a magnet to get it out. Another answer could be, you could try changing the color of the hay to one that makes the needle stand out.

Q – How would you fit a giraffe into a refrigerator?
A – In order to answer this question, you may ask the interviewer for hints, like what’s the size of the fridge? Or what’s the size of the giraffe? Other questions may include whether the giraffe can be killed before being fit into the fridge or not.

Q – I you were to win a million pounds, what would you do with it?
A – You could always answer this by saying you’d invest part of it, donate some of it, use some of it to celebrate, etc.

Have you ever come across such questions while being interviewed? What were they and how did you answer them?


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