What’s Your Qualification?


When I signed in on Twitter today, I came across a piece on Express Tribune about legislation passed in the Gilgit-Baltistan assembly against sexual harassment of women at the work place and protecting the rights of children. The article stated that the legislation had been presented by Sadia Danish, adviser to Gilgit-Baltistan’s CM for Sports, Tourism, Culture and Youth Affairs. I thought of Googl-ing her up, and found Twitter and Facebook accounts but no LinkedIn account. This made me wonder, why Pakistani politicians don’t have any LinkedIn presence?

It reminded me of an Indian ad for Tata tea, where a politician walks up to a young man and asks for his vote. In response, the young man asks him to describe his work experience or qualifications. The politician only scoffs and asks “Humara interview le rahay ho? (are you interviewing me?)” and the young man says, of course, after all you’ve applied for the job of running the country.

Doesn’t it only make sense that we should be knowing the qualifications, experience and achievements of those who strive to rule us? If they can ask someone to make and run their Twitter and Facebook accounts they sure can create their portfolios on LinkedIn. Or is it that they don’t have anything to show for their qualifications, experience or achievements?


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