Empowering The Pakistani Woman Entrepreneur


Today I stumbled upon some information that I wasn’t aware of and thought of sharing it with all those Pakistani women who aspire to run their own business.

If you are an aspiring female entrepreneur, there is a source that could help you with setting up and growing your business venture. The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority – SMEDA, has a Women Entrepreneurship Development Cell – WEDC, whose purpose is to facilitate and develop leadership capabilities of Pakistani businesswomen. It assists women in the fields of manufacturing, services and trading. This does not include dentists, NGOs, lawyers and clinical doctors.

SMEDA offers the following facilities to aspiring women entrepreneurs:

  • Women Business Development Centers – platform to offer guidance and provide opportunities to women. These are primarily projects spread over a time period of 3 to 6 years
  • Feasibility studies on different business ideas
  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Financing Facilities
  • Training courses – they also have associations with universities through which they conduct seminars
  • Technical Assistance – they provide information about the latest technological advancements and tools

I went through their brochure and found that there’s a Women Business Incubation Center – WBIC in Lahore which offers office space, exhibition area for marketing your products, access to office resources like fax machines, copiers, etc, and business development services.

If you wish to learn more, visit SMEDA’s website. It also contains contact information of the relevant person who can be contacted in case you have any queries regarding women business development.

Usually in Pakistan things are not as simple as they seem to be, but if this effort to promote Pakistani businesswomen is for real, then let’s spread some awareness about it.


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