Speed Bump – A Curse More Than A Blessing!


I live in a private housing scheme in Rawalpindi and the conditions of roads in my society and in others surrounding it (save Bahria Town), are extremely poor. As if that wasn’t enough, every other day, someone wakes up and decides to make a speed bump in front of their house!

It makes me wonder, are there no laws governing the construction of speed bumps in our country? I visited the website of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) today, but was unable to find anything related to this.

I wonder why people fail to think before taking an action which is bound to affect others in the society and not just themselves. Especially if it’s something that’s causing more inconvenience than improvement. Who gives them the right?

Apparently, in our country, everyone has the right to do everything, especially if they’ve got money in their pocket.

Coming back to my original topic, this morning I was met by two new speed bumps on the double road in my society. Why they’re being built where they are, nobody knows. Perhaps someone may be able to justify them as well but once they’re made, nobody will bother painting them over so that motorists can identify them from afar and reduce speed, nor would anyone bother putting up a sign. Already, the roads in the society are so full of pot-holes but no one would care to fix that permanently. They’ll fill the holes temporarily and then build speed bumps to control traffic speed. Oh and I’d like to add, there’s also no restriction on the height of the speed jump. If it were up to those funding the construction, they’d probably build 3 foot mounds on the road to prevent traffic from passing through that way completely.

I’d also like to mention that every time some households in a particular street make the effort of fixing their street, they make sure that they build at least 4 speed bumps on it once the road has been smoothed out.

A note to the society owners and administration, plan your societies well so that such nuisances are avoided. There should be some rules governing the opening of schools in every other house in the society.

It is my humble request to all our well-intentioned fellow citizens to consider the side-effects of speed bumps as well before making them. Not only do they hamper the speed of emergency vehicles, increase travel time, redirect traffic to other parallel streets, add to noise pollution but they also cause vehicle damage. If it’s so imperative to build speed bumps, please ensure that they’re not mountains and that motorists are able to identify them from a distance.


2 thoughts on “Speed Bump – A Curse More Than A Blessing!

  1. Agreed…speed bumps are a nuisance in our country. And there are rules against opening commercial organisations, schools and offices in residential area…they are not allowed. But in our country, when the CM’s own son (Hamza Shahbaz) opens up an office(in Model town, Lahore) to manage his businesses who will dare to regulate the law and ensure its adherence? 😦

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