Dress To Impress


Do you think dressing up for work makes a difference with how people perceive and interact with you at the work place?

In my opinion it makes a whole lot of difference. Personally, if I’m in a meeting with a guy who’s otherwise a genius, but his shirt buttons are open down to the point where I can see his chest hairs, I’d not hold him in very high regard (and I don’t!). If you feel constricted by buttoning up, don’t wear such shirts, there are several other options, unless you’re trying to make a show of your masculinity. Please spare us!

It’s quite surprising how so many people at the work place don’t realize the importance of dressing up well. While some hold dressing up in blatant disregard, there are others, who take the pains of wearing nice clothes but fail to take care of that very important element of body odor. Many a times I’ve had the experience of walking over to a person to discuss something important and finding it difficult to stay put till the end of the discussion only because the air around me was so stifled by their stench! The problem of body odor is not only common in men; astonishingly there are a significant number of women who tend to ignore this. My request to such people: please do not ignore this element because not only does it reflect upon your personal hygiene, it makes people avoid you. No matter how clean you are, no matter how many showers you take in a day, if you still have bad body odor, people would think you’re unwashed and dirty. Moreover, in today’s day and age, there’s an assortment of deodorants available in every price range to help you deal with this problem so why not spend some cash to fix it.

Speaking of odors, lots of people also tend to ignore bad breath. It is exceedingly difficult to continue a conversation with such people if they happen to seek you out for a discussion. So people, please take care of this!

Another very common phenomenon that I’ve noticed is that of people dragging their feet while walking. So let’s say you’re dressed in a very smart polo shirt, khaki trousers, brown belt, and matching brown loafers, but you’re subjecting the nice shoes to the habit of dragging your feet, half your dress-up effort has gone down the drain.

Coming back to my original topic, I’ve noticed that if you’re dressed well, people have a positive bearing towards you. For e.g. if you’ve taken the trouble of dressing well for a presentation or a meeting, people appreciate it, for they feel that you gave the event enough importance. On the other hand, if you shuffle in with the collar of your shirt wide open, at least in my opinion, you come across as the guy from the street who mistakenly happened to stroll into the wrong room!

Gone are the days when corporates required you to wear suits and neckties. Most have a smart-casual dress code. It’s become so much more convenient to dress up for work and not to take advantage of it is rather reckless. Eventually, it’s all about looking neat and that certainly doesn’t take too much effort.

I know these are very small things and people might think they do not matter. But, trust me it’s always the small things that matter. So take care of the way you dress, especially at work.


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