Shining Stars Of Pakistan – Samina Baig & Mirza Ali


If we are in search of heroes or role models we don’t need to look far. We have examples like Samina Khayal Baig and Mirza Ali right in front of us.

The brother-sister duo came into the limelight recently, when they scaled Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world (8,848), along with 2 Indian sisters on May 19th 2013.

If we think about it, the highlights and learning points of this achievement are several. So let me state them down:

  • Samina Baig became the first and youngest Pakistani woman to conquer the tallest mountain in the world without supplementary oxygen. Goes to show that if we have the will and determination to beat the odds we can come out on top. Many people have opportunities knocking on their doors but fail to make the most out of them.
  • The duo that added glory to Pakistan, belong to a remote village in Gilgit Baltistan. No matter how small the area of your origin, you can make a dent in the world if you’re willing to go the extra mile.
  • After the expedition, Mirza Ali stated in an interview that the journey was an illustration of equality between men and women. Ali trained his sister in the sport of mountaineering and supported her through and through in achieving this milestone. Pakistani men can learn from this enlightened man, the lesson of women empowerment and fair treatment of women.
  • Samina Baig became the ambassador of peace between India and Pakistan by hoisting the Pakistani flag along with the Indian flag at the peak. Any efforts made in this direction are welcome as they help in projecting a positive image of Pakistan.
  • Finances for the expedition were obtained from international donors. Funding requests were sent to Pakistan government but were declined. Now this speaks volumes about the priorities of our rulers. They lack the foresight to identify the importance of promising ventures. They lack the vision to back ventures that have the potential to present a soft image of Pakistan to the world. They lack the keen-eye for identifying opportunities.
  • Samina Baig dedicated her triumph to women empowerment. There are elements in our country who, are literally ascending colossal heights to bring the concept of women empowerment to the forefront.

Let’s applaud the achievement of our fellow citizens and learn from them.


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