And They Mumble On


After bearing with the torture of hearing news broadcasts in terrible accents I’ve been forced to vent publicly. What am I ranting about? Let me explain.

I’m a pretty regular listener of Pakistani FM radio channels. During the course of my daily transit to work, radio is my prime source of entertainment and information. While most radio channels only play music, there are some which also provide regular news updates. My frustration is with regards to one such channel’s news updates. Well it’s actually with regards to the newscasters themselves.

Although the news update lasts for hardly 5 minutes, the speech of the news anchors is so indistinct that it seems they don’t really want the listeners to understand what they’re saying. After bearing this torture for quite some time, I decided to write to the concerned persons to convey that such stuff is not leaving a good impression on the listeners (which eventually also resulted in my blog post Don’t Contact Us!) .

So this is what I did, I went to the news channel’s website and looked up their contact information and wrote to them. It was astonishing to see (considering that it’s a big news channel) that they didn’t have any contact address to register complaints, so I wrote to whoever seemed appropriate. Not so astonishingly, I didn’t receive any acknowledgement to my email and over the next few days I noticed that the same newsreaders continued to grind my nerves with their same inarticulate drone. Therefore, this time I decided to write to the radio channel itself (which is also owned by the same news channel). I went to their website and conveyed my complaint to them only to find that they don’t care either. I didn’t receive any acknowledgement from them and found that there’s no improvement in the daily news updates on the channel. Let me clarify that by improvement I only mean that the anchors should be taught/trained to speak clearly and nothing else. My main concern is, if the channel doesn’t care how the news is delivered over radio (where clarity of speech is imperative), then what’s the purpose of that 5 minute broadcast?


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