Connect With Your Subordinates


There are a few things I’ve learned from my 7+ years of professional experience. One of them being the inability of our managers to realize the value of connecting with their subordinates. I’ve read a host of articles on good management practices and how to be a good manager, and the one thing I’ve found common in all of them is that managers must communicate with their subordinates.

In effect it’s actually extremely important to stay updated with what’s happening in your team at an individual level because that way the manager will identify problems sooner. Therefore, rather than taking a reactive approach to solving a problem ‘after’ it occurs, they can take proactive measures to solving the problem ‘before’ it develops into something big.

If there’s a dissatisfied employee and you don’t care to talk to them, you’ll never find out what’s bothering them. The dissatisfaction will soon convert into discontentment and when the employees feel that you don’t care about them, they’ll stop caring about their goals, which will eventually affect your goals and ultimately the goals of your organization. This will have an even worse impact if the company is going through tough times. If the employee sees that all the boss cares about is cutting down costs and does nothing to learn what’s bothering his subordinates otherwise, it only adds to the latter’s anxiety.

People don’t just work for money, they want appreciation, mentoring and professional growth. The best way to learn what your employees are looking for is by communicating with them. Talking to your subordinates will give you a chance to identify their issues, their achievements and most importantly, their energy and commitment. If you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll know instantly from the low emotional energy that something’s wrong and will be able to fix it in time.


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