Appreciation Matters


Sometimes it surprises me to learn how really small things, gestures, compliments can lift a person’s mood.

I know that when I go to work and someone complements my clothes, or hair I feel happy and more confident.

Same goes for appreciation. A small pat on the back can make a person feel valued and productive. It makes them feel like the work they’re doing makes a difference. It’s the appreciation that encourages people to do better. I feel like this every time I receive an appreciative comment on my blog posts.

Sadly, I note that in professional life, few managers have the habit of appreciating their employees. I’ve seen people working really hard and never getting appreciated for it. It only takes a few minutes to compose an appreciative email or to call up a team meeting to commend the efforts of a particular team member. But unfortunately, managers only put all their efforts in getting work done from their employees.

I’ve also seen that many managers tell their employees to showcase their work to get appreciation. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, I feel that this activity should be driven by managers themselves. Employees are already under so much load, and they shouldn’t be burdened with this additional task. If on the other hand, the manager takes the initiative of defining a process for employee recognition in the team, delegates the task of gathering information about top achievers to the team leads, then all employees would be encouraged to highlight their achievements. In other words, the process should be driven from top to bottom instead of the other way around.


One thought on “Appreciation Matters

  1. I strongly agree. An employee is supposed to do his/her work. If an employee has to showcase his/her work as well, then what is the manager there for? He is supposed to look into the extra hard work put by his team and must appreciate as it really acts like a morale booster

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