Facebook: Boon or Scourge?


Facebook has pervaded our lives thoroughly, so much so that it’s with us everywhere we go. With internet access available at our fingertips we are able to stay online on-the-go. Imagine life without Facebook. We’d have to connect with friends through chatting media or phone, which largely depend on the availability of both parties. With social media, it’s like you don’t have to be available at any particular time and yet stay connected all the time. You can share causes much faster because Facebook’s reach is much wider than anything else out there. If you’ve just started a business and haven’t put it out on Facebook, you’re missing out on a serious chunk of possible customer base. Similarly, if you’ve started a blog or website, Facebook is an essential promotional medium for you. All else aside, if you’re exceedingly bored and want to kill time, just log on to Facebook and you can play games, visit pages, go through friends’ photographs and you won’t know how time flies by.

On the other hand,  overindulgence always has disastrous consequences. Excessive posts are really irritating as I discovered in the recent General Elections in Pakistan. Then there are people who blame Facebook for them wasting their time on it (this is not Facebook’s fault by the way). And then again there are privacy issues.

At the end of the day, Facebook is just a social connectivity medium. Whether it’s a boon or scourge is just a matter of perception.


2 thoughts on “Facebook: Boon or Scourge?

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      I checked your site and found its concept pretty unique and interesting. However, the font is too big. Perhaps you could think of making a bit smaller?

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