Introducing Mr Taher Shah!


These days Taher Shah is the hot topic of discussion in Pakistan’s entertainment news. Who is Taher Shah?

Well, he became a local legend (yes I’m being sarcastic) when his song Eye to Eye went viral on all major social media websites a little while ago. Although when you listen to the song and watch the video your first thought is, “Wow! This guy made a super fool of himself before the whole country!” But what we are ignoring is how deftly he used the latest marketing tools to promote his song. I remember the day I first saw the video and literally my news feed on Facebook was filled with posts and memes related to the song and its singer. So yes, he may look like a cartoon to the world but you will find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and almost every Pakistani media website. His song is being parodied and made fun of but in the end, it’s being watched! Not unlike Rebecca Black‘s Friday! (We need to wait and watch which song has more dislikes on YouTube!)

While most people think he’s another one of the Meera, Sahir Lodhi types, who are famous for being annoyingly ridiculous, what sets them apart is the fact that it took the former years to establish their annoying reputations while Taher Shah accomplished that within a matter of days!

In the end, we must admit that Mr. Shah has played it very intelligently. He has effectively reached out to almost every internet using Pakistani and those who are bereft of this facility are being fed a healthy dose of his antics via TV channels. Yes, it saddens me to see that had he put the same efforts in doing something meaningful it would have been so much better but that’s the thing with us Pakistanis. Perhaps we need Providence to set our priorities straight because we won’t be doing that ourselves anytime soon.

P.S. I’d vowed to myself that I will not write a post on him but today I just needed to do this.


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