Bridging The Science Gap


Did you know that every summer, in Nathia Gali, an international scientific event is held, where Pakistani and international scientists gather to share knowledge?

This morning I read an article in the paper about the International Nathiagali Summer Colleges (INSC) event being conducted this year which led me to research some more on the topic. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this event is being held regularly since 1976 (the last 37 years). The idea is a brainchild of Pakistan’s first Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Professor Abdus Salam. Not only is it a bridge between third and first world countries, it is also a means by which scientists from the former, can keep abreast with the latest scientific advancements in the developed world and learn to apply/mold them to local requirements.

The event has covered several domains of science and Physics (Biotechnology, Nanomedicine, Photodynamics, Solar Energy, etc) and is contributing to the establishment of new research facilities in the country.

You can learn more about the event through its website which is quite elaborate in terms of providing the event’s history, chronology of previous events and the topics they covered. It even provides scores of information about Pakistan (which, although a bit out-dated, is better than nothing) to assist foreign scientists who’re visiting to attend the event.

It is really encouraging to see that such institutions are diligently and progressively contributing to the growth of Pakistan’s scientific community.


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