Interactive Education – Opportunity?


Technology is enabling and empowering us in so many different ways that we encounter something new and unexpected almost everyday.

Yesterday, while on my way back from work, I was involved in a discussion about private schools and their fees in Pakistan. While I haven’t yet reached the point where I’d worry about that, it’s still a cause for concern considering the hefty fees that most private schools are charging these days. Teachers are still struggling with moulding children’s personalities positively. Schools themselves are struggling to cope with issues like the energy crisis. Yet, with all these issues, the fee that these institutions are demanding is exorbitant! This makes me wonder, why do we have to pay so much and not get our money’s worth in return? If eventually I have to do all the effort on my child then what’s the purpose of paying these institutions. This morning I came across an article on how start-ups are taking steps to make education interactive for children. Here‘s a look at how the developed world is making use of technology in the field of education.

For local entrepreneurs it’s a good opportunity to venture into this area. We can probably come up with similar and better ideas and perhaps even create them at a lower cost. We could make interactive educational apps in Urdu to assist young minds in learning their mother tongue. We all know the sorry state of this language in Pakistan and the coming generations are only getting poor at it everyday. Collective efforts could be made to fund and back such projects so that they achieve completion and see the light of day. I know that most people target international markets with their products but we have lots of room for development locally as well. There must be ways to tap into it and reap benefits on a large scale if we put our minds to it.


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