A Note To Ministry Of Information Technology


This morning I went through the website of Ministry of Information Technology. While I was browsing through the site, I checked its Policies menu and thought to take a look at the IT policy.

Not surprisingly I found an out-dated IT policy which hadn’t been updated since inception (at least there was nothing in the document to suggest so), even though the policy itself states that the document would undergo a review every 6 months.

While I was at it, I thought of checking the website of India’s IT Ministry (Ministry of Communications & Information Technology) and I was surprised by the stark differences in both websites. The Indian site is extremely thorough, providing the latest information on all aspects of IT and Electronics in the country at government level. All the documentation on the website is up to date, ranging from their Annual Action Plans to financial reports. The latest Annual IT Action Plan you’d find on the Pakistani website it for the year 2000. Sadly, the only new stuff one finds on the Ministry of Information Technology website, is the pictures of the new IT Minister and news clips. Even when you go to the News/Highlights page you’ll see duplication in the news clips. And this is the country’s IT Ministry’s site!

While we welcome assistance in infrastructure development by MNC‘s (Microsoft Pakistan), our government bodies should also play an active role in this direction. Rather than just putting up latest pictures and news clips, the Ministry of Information Technology should also keep the site updated with the latest policies, action plans, financial information, so that we know what steps are being taken to empower society and economic development in the country. After all, the purpose of having an online presence is to provide information to the internet-aware masses.


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