Clean Desk?

This is a follow up post to my earlier post on office etiquette.

The place at which I work has an open office sitting environment. Honestly, when I first encountered this environment, I didn’t know what its etiquette was. Only when I came across situations where I found sitting space at a desk on which someone else had left their stuff (printed material, empty cups, junk food wrappers, tissue papers, tea stains, etc), did I realize how bad it feels to be forced to sit at such a place. This made me very conscious of my responsibility when sitting in an open office environment. Now I take extra care to ensure that when I leave at the end of the day, my desk is clean for whoever would occupy it after me.

This morning I got to work a bit late and the desk that I found to sit at, looked like this:


Some well educated individual, chose to do away with their business cards in office. As can be seen, the stack of cards is quite thick so perhaps the thought of shredding them was too daunting for them. They probably also didn’t have the energy to get up and throw these cards in the trash can (obviously since we’re all fasting these days). Dragging oneself out of bed and all the way to work itself is such a huge effort in these 17 hour long fasts amid hot and humid weather, it drains a person of all energy. So much so that it can’t even be revived even slightly in the fully air conditioned office environment, hence rendering a person incapable of the ability to walk to the trash can.

We cry about everything good that’s amiss in our society and everything that’s wrong with it, never once bothering to look down upon our individual acts and behavior. And then we expect change and betterment.


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