Josh Ad – Debatable Or Not?


If you’re a follower of local news in Pakistan, you must be aware of the recent ban of an ad by PEMRA. The ad pertains to a brand of condoms and lots of debate is going on over it’s appropriateness. While some people are arguing that such a ban is wrong, considering that we need to make the masses aware of contraceptive measures, there are others who are saying that the ad is immoral and against Pakistani culture and values, therefore the ban is justified.

In order to get a better idea of the situation, I decided to take a look at the ad myself and frankly speaking, found it to be exceptionally low grade. Reason, it’s outright nonsensical. I didn’t get what was going on and the sexual innuendos were beyond me (sorry if you consider me a tube light on this). The advert falls into the category of those which have everything going wrong for them. The makeup’s bad, the acting and actors are bad, the music’s bad, rather everything about the ad is just bad. So yes I say it should be banned because it’s a poorly thought up and executed concept; It should be banned because it was waste of money; It doesn’t put across any message and is basically purposeless. As for those who’re saying it’s against our values and culture, please watch the ad for Kashmir Premium Gold (the Iman Ali one) and tell me why that did endless rounds on television and was never banned on the same grounds?

We need to stop wasting time on nonsense and concentrate on more important issues. Trust me, there’s no dearth of those around us.


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