Fighting The Odds

Hard work
My father belongs from a village in the province of Punjab and I visited it often till the time I got married and moved out. A general concept among the boys in the village and most surrounding villages was (still is) that education was a waste of time. Something which was holding them back from earning in pounds, dollars and euros. They didn’t care how menial a job they’d have to do to earn money in those currencies as long as they were earning in a denomination stronger than the Pakistani rupee.

I felt proud to read this article recently. Amid all the negativity surrounding us, news like this comes as a breath of fresh air. When you learn that there are people who’re fighting the odds to overcome the obstacles in their way, it lifts your spirits and gives you purpose. It gives me hope that there are people out there who are not looking for the easy way out. That they have the foresight to realize the importance of education. That there are those who are not willing to settle for a lesser life. I know that it pays off. I saw an example right before my eyes, when a guy who used to work as an office boy in my organization, completed his degree and got himself a white collar job in the same organization.

I just wish we could all do more to make things easier for these people who are working so hard towards something good. Something that wouldn’t make them lose hope. Something that would assist them in achieving their goals without fear of running out of resources midway.


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