To Amir Liaquat Hussain about Taher Shah & the big snake

Although I do not agree entirely with the author, I do stand by her basic point. Our media and its representatives are irresponsible and they need to pull their act together. If they can’t do it themselves then they should be told to do so. They’re merely exploiting the industry they’re working in and must be told that there are certain ethics they should abide by. If we come to compare the amount of positive work they’re doing against the negative, the latter would trump the former. So Mr. Amir Liaqat and Geo, learn the import of your medium and act accordingly!


Mr Amir Liaquat Hussain


You have done a lot of things in the past that have scandalized, traumatized and shocked people. More evolved people, at least. But you have a huge fan following of naive masses who still are head over heels over you. You know very well, sir, how to win them over. You are very entertaining to some. And so you have been going on.

As someone who is always the devil’s advocate and likes to see the good side in people, I have always liked to think that you, like all of us, are a combination of good and bad. Secondly, no matter what, you talk with love and reverence about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). And so I always try and give you the benefit of doubt.

But this time, Amir Sahab, you have pushed it to far. And it is better that I say…

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