Lying In Your Profession – Justified?


There’s one thing that bugs me at work almost on daily basis. The fact that people lie. And they do it blatantly. When this concern is expressed on higher forums, I often get the following response:

“What do you expect from people in Sales?”

To a certain extent, I understand this logic. See I work in tech support and usually when the sales people encounter some hitch in their sales, they come to me for help. Since every well established organization needs to have proper processes for incident resolution in place, there’s a certain process that I also follow to get resolution against the complaints that are raised with me. However, I’ve noticed that in spite of agreeing with the sales people over the time in which their issues  would get resolved, they seem to want to side step that agreement and get a solution earlier. In order to do this, they lie. And it irritates me! It undermines all the efforts I put in to streamline my processes. It gives others (management) the impression that probably we don’t deliver solutions on time which is why our customers are resorting to blowing their issues out of proportion so that they get immediate attention and resolution.

I think such behavior is unethical and demoralizing. It fosters animosity and ill will between departments and serious measures should be taken by team and company management to handle it.

On a bigger level, it makes me wonder, that people who do this sort of thing on the job, probably have a habit of doing the same thing outside of their professional lives. And if they do, where does that leave our society then? If these individuals behave this way to get what they they want on their own terms, they’re probably also cultivating the same attitudes in the young minds around them. It’s a point to ponder.


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