Why Hum TV Sucks

Straight from the heart!

How Not to be Pakistani

I hate Hum TV. In fact, even hate is a tepid word. I can’t stand Hum TV. If I become President it’s going to be removed from all cable provider listings and talking about it will be punishable by death. There will be no more Hum TV madness running through our households or polluting the airwaves. If you are a fan of said channel, this post will bother you. And that will actually make me happy.

But I have my reasons for hating it so. I was forced to endure two full days of Hum TV when I stayed over at my Nani’s, who is obsessed with those dramas. Like really truly obsessed. It was hard to get a word in edgewise. And when we did talk it was usually her explaining to me some utterly ridiculous story from some utterly ridiculous Hum TV soap opera.

“Haye ghareeb, she married…

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