Har Har Ki Tar Tar


We all know that Mobilink has gone through some massive re-branding recently and it’s been marketing it quite extensively over all communication media ever since. Their new brand basically aims to bring together customers through better service quality and essentially aims at achieving the ‘Being One’ paradigm. They’re promoting this new ideology amply, where every one of their latest ads has the offer wrapped in rhythmic prose like, ‘Har Ibaadat, Har Saadat, Har Sheher, Har Mulk’ etc, etc, and ends with ‘Har Dil, Har Din’. They’re applying this approach to every new ad and quite frankly it’s become grating on the nerves now.


Same is the situation with the ads for Servis shoes. They also went through re-branding where they basically tried to pitch that Servis shoes are shoes for the masses. For everyone, from the elite to the peon. They proceeded to promoted this angle through a catchy jingle (I personally find the singer’s voice quite irritating) which seemed very fresh when it first came out and was quite a hit among the populace. Just like Mobilink, they’re also applying this approach to every new campaign and the bloke with the irritating voice makes you want to hit your head against the wall every time the new ad for Servis shoes plays on the radio.


I’m not a marketing person and I don’t understand its mechanics. I am, however, a lay person, and I feel that while the initial approaches taken by both Mobilink and Servis shoes were creative and refreshing, continuously churning out similar ads is quite an overkill.

The amount of meaningful content on the radio is already scarce and more than half the time you tune in to find commercials playing on it which is annoying in itself. Topping it up with monotonous advertisements is not only killing creativity, it’s riling up the listeners. It’s time to come up with something different now.


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