Moved To Tears


The last time I was moved to tears by something I saw was this:

One can’t even begin to imagine how this father feels every day. I’m not pitying him; I think he’s a great man! The tenderness with which he deals with his son is remarkable and heartwarming.

Looking at the video from a parent’s perspective, I realized how watching your child suffer through such anguish can tear you apart and what an enormous amount of courage it must take to keep yourself together under such circumstances. How, in the face of such a challenge, you need to be strong not only for yourself and your family but also for the child who’s going through such torment on daily basis. It sensitizes one to the difficulties of others. Only the other day I saw a child injure himself badly and the pain with which he cried was impossible to bear. It was heart wrenching and my head started to spin. This video made me think about my reaction that day in retrospect and I felt ashamed.

This video can teach lessons to a lot of people; Gratitude to those who lament over how life isn’t fair because they couldn’t get this thing or that; Love and tenderness to those who waste their time bickering with their loved ones needlessly; Tenacity to those who shy away from tough tasks and responsibility; Courage to the craven; Beneficence, tolerance, and essentially, how to be a good human being.


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