Thanks Pakistan

How Not to be Pakistani


Thank you Pakistan.

Thanks for the randomness and haphazard quality of everyday life,

And the goofy absurdity everywhere visible,

All manner of climates and scenery, from the tallest peaks to dense forests to burning deserts, all a road trip away,

The most comfortable, best ventilated national dress ever,

Unimaginable diversity of population, opinions, cultures, religions, creeds,

A history that stretches back to the beginnings of known civilization,

One of the best bowling attacks the world has ever seen,

The greatest squash players the world has ever seen,

Mad skills with a hockey stick or a snooker cue,

Chapli kebab, mutton karahi, lamb chops, charsi tikkay, nihari, halwa puri, jalebi, gannay ka juice, mango achaar, and on and on,

Pepsi or Coke being served almost as a holy tonic during social gatherings,

A local version of Gandalf the Grey watching over us hobbits in Abdul Sattar Edhi,

Scientists of international acclaim,

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