This Is The First Step


I came across a fabulous little animated show today. It’s from the creators of Burka Avenger. The message it delivers is simple, potent and delivered skillfully.

On a high level, this episode talks about cleanliness and how we should ensure that we keep our surroundings clean. And believe me, this is one lesson we all need to learn. Not a day goes by when I don’t see people chucking out trash from the windows of speeding vehicles. And I’m talking about the rich and elite here, who’re driving around in expensive, latest model cars. We empty the filth of our households in nearby drainage streams and when they swell over during monsoon rains we start crying over how no one from the administration showed up to help us when our homes got flooded. We must put an end to this behavior and take responsibility for our actions. We must stop polluting our communities so that our children can thrive in a healthy, hygienic environment.

At a deeper level, the video conveys another message as well. One that says that we need to start by fixing ourselves first before we go on to preach others. We need to look into ourselves and see what we’re doing wrong. We need to open our eyes to our own flaws first, set them right and then go on to tell others how they can do the same. The most effective way to acquire a following is to lead by example. When others will see us doing good, they’ll follow suit. This is indeed the first step!

Here’s a link to Quaid Se Baatein.


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