At The Crossroads


My professional life has suddenly encountered a point where I’m at a cross roads. All of a sudden I have to contemplate taking up a sure shot opportunity,

while considering the possibility of letting go of an uncertain one. I landed in this situation some 24 hours ago and since then, if not at the forefront, thoughts pertaining to this situation have continuously been running in the background of my mind. I’ve discussed the matter with my husband, my mother, my best friend, my colleagues and am nowhere near making up my mind (which I have to by Monday). In the midst of all this mental turmoil, I absentmindedly looked up a song that I’d been meaning to listen to for quite some time now. As soon as the melody rang in my ears, I felt like I’m floating somewhere beyond my being. It felt like I’m looking at myself from outside, as if the person I’m looking at is fretting too much over something that she doesn’t have complete control over. I want to walk over to this person, make her snap out of her thoughts, make her unwind and relax a bit. But I know she can’t put off this decision. It’s too important. If it were in my control I’d whisk her away to some place she wouldn’t have to think about this. Where she could just take a breather and let go for a bit. But I can’t, and I can’t separate myself from her either. So I’ll enjoy these few moments of reprieve for just a little while more and then I’ll go back to her. Maybe I’ll be able to help her make her decision. But more than that, I hope it’s a decision after which she can rest easy. I hope and pray it turns out for her best. Amen!


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