August 14th: Time for Introspection

Spiritual Legacy

IndependenceDay1Its 14th August, My brain is trying to convince my heart about how great it is to have an independent and free country, but somehow the heart is not happy, its losing hope. The brain is telling it to see what happened to Babri Masjid, see how organizers of Gujrat massacre escaped punishment, so value your freedom. Its telling to be thankful to Allah for giving you a country where you are free to live your life, define and follow your own ambitions, own property unlike many other places (like UAE or Saudia) where you are treated as a second grade citizen. Its telling my heart to be thankful to Allah that you are not ruled by a King who will stay King for his life followed by someone from his family. The heart is listening but it doesn’t operate on reasons, it loves the country even without these arguments…

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