Give Peace A Chance

Spiritual Legacy

PakIndOnce again war drums are being beaten and the media on both sides of the Indo Pak border is frothing at the mouth on the prospect of yet another conflict. Public opinion in both countries is being constructed towards hyper-patriotism and giving the other a bloody nose. Add to that the fervour of independence days of the two countries falling recently and you get a perfect recipe for disaster.

The million dollar question is Can any of the two nuclear equipped countries afford a war that will only cause death and destruction on an unimaginable scale? The simple answer is NO. Let us take India first. India has done huge investment in recent years to bolster its economy to the extent that it can now boast of being the 10th biggest economy [1]in terms of GDP. Its per capita GDP rose from $670 in 2004 to $1100 in…

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