Social Morality? Seriously!?


I must say that living in Pakistan is bound to subject you to a certain kind of volatility. Everyday comes with a surprise of its own. Today, its this. While law and order, economic, political environment, etc are some of the factors that have had a significant negative impact on the Telecom industry in Pakistan, I must say, PTA has also contributed a fair share in running this industry into the ground. First it was the limit of 10 subscriptions per NIC, halt on Mobile Number Portability (MNP) services (which was later revoked), then a ban on late night packages, and now a ban on all voice/SMS bundles irrespective of time of day.

Here’s what the recent directive says:

‘Directive relating to packages offered by CMTOs contrary to moral values of society’

Can PTA explain how they’ve judged which package is contrary to moral values of the society? Oh I forgot, they’ve implemented the ban on ‘all‘ packages which means they weren’t able to make this distinction, therefore, they decided to ban all of them.

PTA claims ‘To promote and protect the interests of users of telecommunication services in Pakistan’. Does this make a valid a case for moral policing? Suppose it does; there’s loads of content that plays on our radio and TV channels that’s not morally suitable. And what about the internet? I’m not saying that all these media should be banned. God knows how far back in the dark ages we’d go if that happened!

I sincerely request PTA and similar authorities, and the judiciary, to pay attention to their actual duties and stop trying to play roles that have nothing to do with them. Not only are they effectively ruining industries, which consequently affects the economy and well-being of the scores of people employed in these industries, but it’s taking away from the public the small positives that remain in this country.


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