Cultivating Leadership


Someone once asked me what my definition of a good leader is. The first things that come to anyone’s mind in response to such a question are: positive attitude, honesty, ability to delegate, etc. However, this morning I read something which shines light over an area that’s perhaps most often, overlooked. The ability to create/cultivate leadership.

While we tend to concentrate mostly on mentoring and guidance,the latter are not sufficient. We need to do more to encourage people to take the lead and perform to their potential.

When we say that a leader should be inspiring, we should know exactly how we expect them to do this. They can be inspiring by fostering leadership capabilities among their subordinates. By paving a way for their subordinates to rise and show that they also have leadership potential. And this doesn’t only happen by delegation of tasks/responsibility or mentoring. You also need to challenge them so that they push themselves to get out of their comfort zone. Instead of merely telling them that they need to break out of their comfort zone, give them challenging tasks which force them to break the habit. Something that’s a head over their own capabilities and potential. Give them tasks that require quick delivery. This will force them to find out the most efficient ways to get things done.

Being a good leader involves much more than coaching and guidance. It requires building leaders of the future.


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