We Don’t Own Islam!

Pakistan - Islam - Ramadan

We Pakistanis claim to be Muslims. We are so ridiculously emotional about Islam, we think we own the religion. We think that our own interpretation is best while everyone else’s is flawed (Herein lies the first fault in us, because Islam teaches us to be tolerant and humble. But we choose to be arrogant and judgemental). We don’t give a hoot about other Muslims, we’re only possessive about Islam. So when it comes to the rape of a 5 year old girl, we don’t break a sweat over it. We don’t go out on the roads to protest against the delay in justice. But when the government subjects us to hourly power outages, we immediately take to the streets and start burning and trashing every piece of government and private property we can get our hands on (Here’s the second flaw; Islam is all about the rights of mankind but we only think about our own).

A religion in itself is just a set of beliefs. Its followers are its representatives. Let me ask the Pakistani Muslim in you, by what right do you claim to be a follower of Islam when your actions are in complete contradiction to your faith?


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