On Being Judgemental


These past few days I’ve been trying to be less judgemental. It’s a concept that I touched base with, quite a while ago, and over the passage of time I’ve realized it’s something that we do a lot. We are in such a habit of passing judgement on others that we sort of do it unconsciously now. We’ve become so comfortable with it that we do it as if it’s our right. What we all need to realize is, that it’s not! We have no right what-so-ever to pass judgement on anyone based on anything. There’s absolutely no ground that justifies it.

There are several reasons for why I make this assertion. Number one, being judgemental makes us lose humility. It only proves that we are arrogant and think of ourselves as being above those we are choosing to judge. There’s a fine line between being humble and being full-of-one’s self. You have to be humble to the point of maintaining your self respect while being respectful of others. The moment you cross the line to the side where you think yourself to be the supreme authority on everything, you enter into the danger zone of narcissism. And the interesting thing is, you don’t realize that you’re not, in fact, Mr or Miss know-it-all. The fact that you’re judging others on a lot of things is primarily based on your lack of information, not on your wealth of knowledge. And once you start living in this sense of superiority, you do everything to hold on to it. Even if circumstances prove you wrong, instead of accepting that fact you make excuses. You make more conjectures, pass more judgements. You’re happy in your delusions and without realizing it, you’re pushing people away. Not only are you isolating yourself but you’re also creating divisions. You’re categorizing people, you’re creating factions and you’re endorsing partisanship.

Now imagine a place where the majority of the populace exhibits the behavior described above. What kind of environment do you think would prevail in a place like that? One of dissent; people almost all the time in conflict with each other. A turbulent setting, with tolerance levels set at the lowest threshold. Each and every person judging the other and miserable because they think that they’re expressing an opinion, whereas what they’re actually doing is passing judgements. Being opinionated is not a bad things as long as you leave room to respect the opinions of others. But if you go on to assert your opinions on others, you’re crossing the boundary. You’re trying to snatch away the other party’s freedom of expression.

This is the reason why, today, in our society, many people dash their dreams because they think ‘What will people say/think if I go ahead with this’. And while earlier on, being judgemental was only creating dissent, now it’s breeding discontentment too. Because people are not happy with what they’re doing. They are letting go of their dreams and forcing themselves to follow paths that they don’t aspire for. So let go of this attitude. Learn to accept other people’s choices, decisions, personas, beliefs. The day we do that, we’ll start living in harmony.


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