Enterprise Social Collaboration Is Awesome!


Okay so it’s been a long time since my last blog post. Reason: I switched jobs! Ever since the switch, I’ve just been so busy getting settled into my new workplace that I completely forgot about my blog!

So, here I am today and I’ve decided to talk about a new experience that I’m going through. The experience of using social collaboration software at the workplace. To be quite honest, I didn’t have any idea how absolutely useful such products are! And I’m actually one of those people who can truly appreciate their significance because I come from a company where the bulk of my work was on email. And there were so many emails that it used to become a headache, quite literally! I always had to worry about my .pst (Outlook data file) getting too large, because when it did, my entire email program would slow down, making everyday work exceedingly difficult and slow.  Size wasn’t the only issue, in fact, trying to search through the inbox to find old messages, documents, maintaining document versions, and most of all, long unending conversations that just kept cluttering my mailbox, were all the issues I was struggling with on a day-to-day basis.

Ever since I’ve started using social collaboration tools, everything is so much easier and faster! Everything is on my news feed (hence no emails!) and it’s so easy to search for older threads and files!

If you go to the internet and search for enterprise social collaboration tools, you’ll be surprised at the number of solutions you come across. Most companies offer a free trial of their product. Their pricing is usually segregated into basic and advanced, where the basic program is usually free and targets small setups, having 10-20 employees. The advanced program requires you to pay and mostly offers advanced features as well.

To sum up, so far my experience with this stream of tools has been very good and I believe that adopting such tools could really improve employee collaboration and would help them in getting tasks done faster in any organization.


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