LinkedIn Notifications


Okay so, for quite some time this feature in LinkedIn has bothered me:


Although Twitter has a similar feature, it doesn’t trouble me at all, unlike LinkedIn:



Only today did I bother to think about the difference between the two. Twitter is micro-blogging, and users are basically interested in what people they’re following are saying. So the minute by minute updates about the number of new tweets on the browser tab, is actually good because you want to follow instantly. On the other hand, on LinkedIn, the updates are usually things like these:

‘XYZ has a new connection.’

‘ABC is now following..’

As far as I’m concerned, as a user, LinkedIn is more like Facebook than Twitter, so while I’d be okay with such information appearing in my News Feed (for me to scroll through later), I wouldn’t want to be notified on the browser’s tab in the form of an incrementing count. That should only happen if I receive something directly, like a connection request or message, etc, just the way it happens with Facebook notifications.

I don’t know if anyone else finds the feature useless.Thought I’d share my view on it anyway 🙂


One thought on “LinkedIn Notifications

  1. agreed, so true. I hated it when i switched my windows to check if there was some notifications only to find out they were on LinkedIn – happened when this feature was newly introduced in linkedIn.

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