Quality Life?

Rainbow woman

Why aren’t health, happiness, peace of mind, part of the quality life equation anymore? Why have organizations forgotten that there’s something known as work-life balance? I’m working because I want to have a good life, and if you just keep making me work all the time that leaves me with no life at all. My work is not my life! Understand that! My work is only part of my life and I do it only so that I can improve my life. So don’t expect me to put in after-office hours. Don’t expect me to to align the goals of my life with your organization’s. Accept that just as I am a means for you to achieve your objectives, you are a means for me to achieve mine. Respect that!

For all those people out there who spend extra hours at work, thinking they’re earning the bread ‘n’ butter for  their household. You’re not doing anything exceptional and putting in those extra hours is more likely to ruin your personal life than the improvement those extra bucks would earn you. So get home on time and play an active role in the household because that will earn you respect and love in the eyes of your family members your boss will most likely forget you as soon as you say, ‘I got a new job!’. Proof of that? Wait till he asks you what he can do for you and believe me the answer will be ‘Nothing’.


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