Life Started Where My Comfort-Zone Ended!

Leading a safe and comfortable existence, with a white collar job in IT and having certainty about things (at least I used to think that for myself), I felt that this is Life.

I married in my late twenties (which in our society is normal for any girl of that age) primarily because I was used to living in my comfort zone (out of many other reasons). I got more than used to living in my comfort zone probably without ever realizing it. Now this write-up of mine is not about the pros and cons of living in your comfort zone, it is merely to share my views, on how my journey of life has been so far, my own thoughts and experiences as I am going through my life.

Almost a year back when I married my husband a new chapter in Life started, with lots of changes, and lots of decisions to be made. I found myself stepping out of my comfort zone – felt uncertainty, fear and so many other thoughts which come naturally in such a situation. The biggest Leap of Change (as I’d like to call it) came with the decision to move and settle abroad with my husband on a long-term basis. What adds to the situation is if the place you are moving to is totally different from the place of your origin in culture, life style, living standard and even the language (At this point you are probably thinking that there are a lot of cases where people move with their families to different places with different diverse cultures, so is the girl behind this screen any exception in this regard?  To that I say No, she is not! You have been warned already in my note earlier that these are only my personal views and ideas:-).

In the last one year there have been many things that I have done; so many things for the first time ever in my life. Travelling to new places, interacting with people from different nationalities and cultures almost on regular basis now and never before have I felt that Life starts where your comfort zone ends.

I am currently settled in the Bundes Republic of Deutschland also known as Germany – the land of Ideas as they call it (as I am discovering on my own at the moment). Germany is a highly developed country and the first, most amazing thing you come to witness here (apart from many other things) is the trains-system which is ranked one of the best in Europe and the World (and now happens to be mine and many other’s means of daily commute). Naturally I consider living in such a country a chance to explore the world and start life afresh. I feel excited about the opportunities that Life has to offer here.  It struck me very early after my move here that there is a very negative image about us (our Country) because of the law & order, stability and security situation. I feel that it imposes an implicit responsibility on us to create a better image about us and our Land. I don’t have any plan at hand (other than learning language, meeting new people and building networks etc.)  but this will be a very important motivator in leaving the comfort-zone aside, and doing something for our nation.

It seems alright to have a little uncertainty in life and not knowing always what the next steps will be (I didn’t have any clue this morning that I’d become a co-author of this blog and write my first write-up as a co-contributor) so the point is that opening up to Change and Uncertainty not only increases our awareness generally, but can also make our life interesting. Step out of the certainty and comfort and give it a shot and see where life takes you!

This, Dear Audience, is a brief on myself and my views on life these days (as I am also undergoing a journey of self-discovery and don’t know it all 🙂 ). Hopefully you will be seeing more from me as a co-contributor on this blog in the times to come. Happy reading!


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