Yes I Am Angry Today



I can’t hold it back anymore. I started this blog because I wanted to let my thoughts out. Soon enough, I realised that most of my thoughts were negative. Especially when they came to Pakistan. They were full of anger, frustration and pessimism. Soon after, I decided that I won’t just write about the negatives. I’ll try to highlight the positives too for God knows there is potential for that too in this God forsaken country. So I tried to change.

But now, I feel as if I can’t go on anymore. These past few weeks have been full of terrible news on the national front. First the attack on Karachi airport, then the political fiasco between Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and the government and this morning, news of firing on a passenger aircraft at Peshawar airport that left one casualty.

I feel stuck and frustrated. I feel afraid; for my family, my child. We grew up in the best of times. We could freely go out to the market, play outside all day. Today, I can’t imagine that for my child. On Monday morning, the day when the PAT and govt. game happened, I woke up early and so did my daughter. She’s at an age now that she observes everything closely. I took her to her grandparents’ room where the TV was on and switched to a local news channel that was broadcasting live scenes of the protests that were going on in Islamabad. I was sitting there watching it and suddenly I realised that so was my daughter. I couldn’t help but wonder ‘She shouldn’t be seeing this! She deserves to live in a better place. She shouldn’t grow up in this!’ Last night, a cousin posted the following status of a small dialog between her son (no older than 6) and husband:


I don’t remember ever having had a remotely similar thought at that age. Kids these days are far more intelligent than we were as children. They observe keenly, have easier access to technology and learning aids. They’re picking up things faster than their previous generations. What sort of a future is Pakistan offering them? One where there are protests and riots on the streets everyday because of a fight between political clowns? I can only think of our so-called political leaders as clowns since they make a joke out of authority and govt everyday. That’s not how our parents raised us. They raised us to be mindful and respectful of authority; decent citizens who know the difference between right and wrong. It seems like our so-called political leaders received some pretty poor upbringing. They have absolutely no capability of distinguishing between right and wrong. All they care about is their petty political point scoring and looting the national coffers (whatever remains in them). They’re completely impotent when it comes to making decisions of actual import. For that they look to other countries. They choose to remain blind to how others are trying to manipulate them and Pakistan into achieving their own objectives. They are so self-absorbed in their lust for power and money that they’re willingly sacrificing the image of Pakistan; who knows, maybe in time, they’ll end up sacrificing the country itself.

And what are we, the common people of Pakistan doing to stop it? Most of the educated class (including myself) are sitting on the side watching because we don’t want to get mixed up in any of it. We are clinging to our carefully crafted small bubble of safety and all we want is to keep it intact. Others, who aren’t fortunate enough, have made themselves believe that if they claim allegiance to one or the other political clown, they’ll have a better chance at survival. So they go out when there are senseless protests. They damage people’s personal property not out of support for their clown but out of frustration that they’ll never do well enough to give their own children a better life.

So here’s to Pakistan’s political jokers, thank you for giving my day such a bad start. Thank you for all the frustration you cause everyday. Thank you for all the shame you’re bringing to my country.

It seems like someone broke down the gates of hell and all the demons chose the land of the pure as their home on earth (how ironic!). I wish I had powers like Sam and Dean (Supernatural). I’d throw you all into purgatory!


6 thoughts on “Yes I Am Angry Today

  1. Whoa! Whoa and more Whoa..First of all this is really a lot of anger so much that I felt shivers down my spine – probably more because of the emotion and less due to the context/the pretext of all this.
    While the circumstances may seem dark when every day brings more bitter news than yesterday – I feel we bear a heavy responsibility on our shoulders; we need to refrain from letting the frustration taking the best of us, and others around. I admit that there are our bad happenings/incidents almost everywhere not just in our Land and probably more frequent than ours, but it seems that even our Media is at war with its own Land – Whenever, I have found myself in front of TV screen hardly ever have I noticed any good news ( about anything good e.g. the kind of work our students do, what kind of achievements our country is making in education and other sectors, the kind of good work our textile industry is doing and what kind of further measures are required to boost it further, the handiwork etc,. the list is in fact very long), even if there is a news its a very short one. The more frustrating part for me is not the news but how its delivered, and also how we are constantly glued to our screens ( TV or computer) and feeling unsafe and frustrated, without ever doing anything constructive. When we are not watching news we are just talking about it – Many a times we are just thankful for getting a ‘work from home’ or a ‘day off’ because the policymakers are sealing the twin cities. I feel if we can try to create a positive image and Goodwill for and within our nation, we can possibly even address the menace at the root of this – help avoiding the frustration that results into these Incidents at the first place!

    • You’re absolutely correct. Today my feelings just got the better of me and I had to let it out. I will however, stick to highlighting positive stuff around us too 🙂

      • Its not about highlighting the negative stuff, It is probably good to highlight as a responsible citizen ( it indicates that we care and are not indifferent about our country), but it’s important to propose solutions as well, and when we highlight negative we should bring out the positive too ( We are as negative or as positive as our thoughts), a balanced picture can help keep us motivated 🙂

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