What Lies Beneath The Rock is a medium of expression for me. An avenue through which I can share my thoughts, ideas and opinions. These could be events unfolding anywhere across the globe or close in my vicinity.

I attempt to highlight not only those people, projects, issues that are well-known, but also those that are rarely heard of or talked about. I shall be talking about things that must be amplified so that they are taken note of. Not only shall I provide information that readers may find useful in different aspects of their lives but from time to time I’ll also be presenting my take on different subjects (which could also turn to ramblings at times :P)

Ultimately, I hope that through this blog I’ll be able to get better insight on different subjects, broaden my points of view and as a bi-product, highlight the wrongs in our society/mindset (so that they are set right), showcase the capability and constructiveness of the people around me, while contributing something valuable to my readers.


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